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• Full-day kindergarten funding

• Hinsdale School renovation state matching funds

• Public School Infrastructure

Fund; School Emergency Readiness Program

• School employee death equivalent to responders statute

• All Children Educated Safely (ACES) in Monadnock Regional School District, funding restored

• Authorizing Keene State College decals for license plates, raising scholarship funds

• Electronic of school annual reports to the department of education

• Consumer Protection increased for private career school students

• Dual and concurrent enrollment agreements between high schools and colleges

• Nursing temporary licensing for all new hires from New England states

• Increasing alcohol and drug prevention and treatment funds

• Study committee on mental health and socials service interoperability

• Allied Health Therapists tem porary licensure if from NY or New England states

• Therapeutic Marijuana satellite dispensary in southwest NH

• Study committee on broadband infrastructure

• Broadband Infrastructure and Municipal/Town
bonding for public-private partnerships

• Streamlining Criminal History Background Checks

• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) rule setting process accelerated

• Independent state Medical Director for Emergency
Medical Services to be established

• Study Transmission, Distribution, Generation,
Costs and in the State’s Electricity System

• Boost renewable energy producers with a net metering increase to 5 megawatts

• Revisions to Zoning Boards of Adjustments statute for clearer decision making

• County audits statutes and updated