By Mike Hoefer on September 8, 2016 in Commentary

In these final days before the primary, I want to take a minute to tell you how proud I am of the endorsements that Jay has received in his bid to become our next State Senator. The people and organizations listed below will need to work everyday with the person we elect; their choice and preference is clear- They want to work with Jay.

Elected Officials
Congresswoman Annie Kuster. State Senator Molly Kelly.Cheshire State Representatives: Michael D. Abbott, Dick Ames, Paul Berch, John Bordenet, Cyndy Chase, Dan Eaton, Gladys Johnsen, Doug Ley, John Mann, Tara Sad, Marge Shepardson, Bruce Tatro, Lucy McVitty Weber, Larry Phillips.County Commissioners: Chuck Weed and Stillman Rogers. Keene Mayor Kendall Lane. Former Keene Mayors: Dale Pregent and Aaron Lipsky. Keene City Councilors: Terry Clark, Randy Filiault, Mitchell Greenwald, Stephen Hooper, Carl Jacobs, Philip Jones, Gary Lamoureux, Janis Manwaring, Robert O’Connor, Tom Powers, and David Richards. Roxbury Town Selectman: Jim Rousmaniere, Jr. Winchester Town Clerk Jim Tetreault. Cheshire County Register of Deeds: Anna Tilton

National Education Association – New Hampshire (NEA-NH) and the American Federation of Teachers – New Hampshire (AFT-NH) understand that Jay is the candidate to support our teachers and the education our students need to thrive in life.

The State Employees Association of New Hampshire (SEA/SEIU Local 1984) chose Jay as the candidate in the race that will best support their members in our district and across our state.

Citizens of District 10
People have gotten to know Jay by meeting him at a dozen house parties held across our district; his visits to the manufacturers and businesses; and healthcare, mental health, and social service providers.  They have shared that support in at least 16 letters to the editor in the Keene Sentinel and nearly 400 volunteer supporters.

Jay has dedicated himself to meeting people and learning about the issues facing our region and state. Jay attended several of the Maplewood Nursing Home hearings this past summer; Kris Roberts attended none. Jay is the only candidate who attended the NH Democratic Convention, and he was the only candidate from the district to attend the Democratic State Senate Policy Briefing, events open to all candidates running for senate to help prepare them for issues likely to confront the Senate next year.

The time for action is now!
I am confident that the candidate that wins the primary next Tuesday will be the next Senator from District 10. If you want, like I do, for that person to be Jay Kahn we need a few hours of your time over the next few days.

Please contact our Campaign Manager David Lamando at
Volunteer opportunities include canvassing, calling likely primary voters, and poll visibility.

A couple of hours of your time this weekend will help make sure Jay Kahn is the next State Senator from District 10.

Thank you for your support!

Michael Hoefer
Chairman Friends of Jay Kahn

Feeling shy? Please consider these EASY opportunities to share our message:

  1.  “Attend” our “VOTE FOR JAY” Event on Facebook. A simple RSVP to this virtual event will let your Facebook friends know you plan to “VOTE JAY”. (You can do it right now!)
  2.  Post on your Facebook page or send one of the following messages to your email contacts:
    1. Education is important to me so next Tuesday I will be voting for Jay Kahn for State Senate. He’s had a career in Higher Education (an important issue in our state) and has been endorsed by both the American Federation of Teachers – New Hampshire (AFT-NH and National Education Association – New Hampshire (NEA-NH)
    2. Listening to others and collaboration is an important part of the way we get things done in New Hampshire. Jay has demonstrated these qualities throughout his career. The Keene Sentinel said of Jay: “His deliberate, consensus-building approach to getting things done has long been felt behind the scenes in this region.” Maybe that is why he has been endorsed by 33 current Cheshire County elected officials from across the region and up and down the ballot. Please join me in voting for Jay Kahn Tuesday September 13th.
    3. Economic development is critical to move our region forward. Jay has experience working with government agencies, private sector and non-profit organizations to build coalitions and solve real world problems. I believe he will be the strongest advocate for our region. Please join me in voting for Jay Kahn on Tuesday September 13th.