The NH House of Representatives meets this Thursday, April 19th to consider 4 bills on which I am a prime sponsor. All are on the consent agenda.
SB 374 exempts adoption of emergency medical and trauma services protocols from the rulemaking process under RSA 541-A. These protocols are highly technical and need to be changed quickly and frequently (think carfenynol protocols for first-responders), making them exceptions for the standard rule-making process. They go through review by 2 boards and the Dept. of Safety Commissioner.

SB 456 turns the position of the state medical director for emergency medical services into a part-time position and repeals the requirement that the chairman of the emergency medical services medical control board shall serve as the medical director. It also makes the medical director a nonvoting member of the control board. A companion bill, SB 544, allocates sufficient funds for fire standards and training for the remainder of the biennium.

SB 170 permits municipalities and towns to issue bonds for the purpose of providing or extending broadband infrastructure to areas lacking minimum FCC rates of transmission.  Certain conditions must be met before bonds can be issued and the bill provides for public-private partnerships for financing purposes. Public hearing testimony strongly indicated that enactment of this legislation would be a significant catalyst for economic development in many rural areas of New Hampshire.

SB 393 consolidates three types of audits utilized by county government—annual financial audits, performance audits and forensic audits--from within several chapters spread throughout Title II of state law into one chapter. It requires that a copy of each completed audit be forwarded to the Department of Revenue Administration.
Four other bills that I introduced are in final stages of consideration this week. 

SB 388, regarding therapeutic marijuana satellite dispensaries, will be acted upon by House Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs.
HB 1761, including an amendment to extend school district dual and concurrent enrollment policies to include University System of NH institutions, will be acted on by the Senate on Thursday.

SB 386, streamlining the criminal history background check process, and SB 334, regarding temporary licensure for allied health professionals wanting to work in NH, will be heard by the House Executive Department and Administration Committee on Tuesday afternoon.