October 2018 News

October 2018 News

Dear Friends,

Two weeks before the General Election with Congress, Governor, State Legislatures and County Offices on the ballot. Democrats on the ballot are tested public servants that work for people not special interests. We support public education, community based health and mental health services, environmental sustainability, economic development and property tax relief. We win on the issues, now we need to win at the ballot box. Turnout is all important.


I’m proud to have earned endorsements from:

Planned Parenthood Northern New England Sierra Club-NH

National Educators Association – NH American Federation of Teachers-NH

State Employees International Union – NH National Association of Social Workers-NH

Professional Fire Fighters – NH

These organizations can help get out the vote and make the difference in close elections.

Town Select Board Leaders

I’ve made a priority of getting to Town Select Boards, engaging in discussions on state and local issues, and opening two-way communications that helped during the legislative process. I also attended School Board Deliberative Sessions and visited nearly every school in the district. This attention to bridging local and state government has helped earn me the support of many local leaders:

Kendall Lane, Mayor of Keene

Peggy Pschirrer, Walpole, Select Board Chair

Bill Hutwelker, Swanzey, Selectman

Mike Darcy, Hinsdale, Select Board Chair

Ben Kilanski, Winchester, Select Board Chair

Ray Britton, Gilsum, Select Board Chair

James Rousmaniere, Roxbury, Select Board Chair

Meet the Candidates

There are two more opportunities to meet Democratic state legislature and county office candidates.

October 30 – Harrisville-Nelson Candidate Forum, Nelson Town Hall, 6:45 pm
November 4 – Swanzey Democrats, Whitcomb Hall, Swanzey, 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Women’s Empowerment Rally

This coming Saturday, October 27th, there’s an exciting opportunity to hear women leaders including Annie Kuster, Molly Kelly and Debora Pignatelli, at the KSC Redfern Arts Center, from 1 to 3. Let me know if you can help staff a Kahn for Senate table.

Voter Registration

Superior Court Judge Brown of Hillsborough County granted an injunction against new Voter Registration requirements in SB 3, that new voter affidavit requirements in SB 3 constitute potentially burdensome and discriminatory barriers. SB 3 has 10 pages of affidavit declarations that new registrants need to review and initial, as opposed to the current 1 ½ page affidavit. Expert testimony stated that the new affidavit reads “at least as difficult as a Harvard Law Review.” The WMUR story can be found here…


The Democratic Coordinated Campaign Office has done a great job finding likely Democratic voters in Cheshire County. Now they need us to help Get Out the Vote (GOTV). Please offer your time and talent to help in these final 2 weeks.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.


State Senator 
District 10

School Vouchers

School Vouchers

School Vouchers are a bad idea for New Hampshire… 

August 2018 News

August 2018 News

August 30, 2018

Dear Friends,

What a busy time as a state senator; lots of roles are all competing for time:

• Hosting and being there for other candidates (Kelly and Kuster this past week)

• Campaigning for reelection (visiting worksites, schools, canvassing and sign drop offs, arranging house parties and community visits),

• Constituent advocacy – celebrating community accomplishments, ribbon cuttings, replying to constituent concerns, meetings with State department commissioners

• Working on future legislation and state grants

• Working on the reconsideration of Governor vetoes

• Keeping up on reading

Veto Session and Constituent Hours

The legislature’s reconsideration of Governor vetoes occurs on September 13 th . Three high profile bills that I co-sponsored are among those coming up for a veto override: SB365, requiring distribution companies to purchase electricity from NH wood burning and “waste-to-energy” power plants; SB446, raising net metering limits for solar, wind, and hydroelectric renewable energy sources from 1 to 5 megawatts; and SB593, repealing the death penalty. In order to hear from constituents on these and other issues, I’m hosting constituent hours on Thursday, September 6, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm on the second floor of the Old County Courthouse in Citizens Hall.  You can park at the County Building. Please attend and share your opinions on these issues.

Organizing for Fall Elections

Kahn Interns at Walpole Town Green after a day of canvassing.

Kahn Interns at Walpole Town Green after a day of canvassing.

Town Democrats have organized meetings in Gilsum, Alstead, Hinsdale, and Marlborough. House parties are planned in Keene and Nelson. Town visits are on-going: this past week in Roxbury, North Walpole, and Harrisville; Labor Day week in Keene, Winchester, Hinsdale, and Harrisville; the following week in Sullivan; and then the primary election and veto session. Hinsdale Dems are hosting state legislators seeking reelection on Sept. 9 at 2 pm in the Millstream Community Center. Please attend if you can. This summer I’ve benefitted from nine Kahn-terns, interns from surrounding high schools that are working for my reelection. They are terrific symbols of a next generation of concerned students willing to work to change the world. They are my ground team. Primary elections are September 11 th . I’m recruiting supporters to hold signs at polls. Let me know if you can spare an hour or two.

Opioid Use Disorders Funding

Last week 30 area mental healthcare leaders convened to mobilize for future State requests for proposals (RFP) to award federal funds to reduce opioid use disorders. The proposals will build off a hub and spoke model, with medical centers being at the hub of regional 24/7 response teams. Spokes include residential and community based services. The Department of Health and Human Services will release RFPs in early October. Now that legislation is being implemented, I am trying to conclude the work on Mental Health and Social Services Interoperability Committee that I chair. I’ve been named to a new legislative study committee on telemedicine. Recently, I hosted the region’s therapeutic marijuana licensee  in Keene to begin discussions on a satellite dispensary locally.


Workforce preparation is one of my highest priorities. We build our workforce from the earliest years of childhood development. Symonds School in Keene is often cited as a strong example for our region, and I’ll be joining their principal, Richard Cate, and kindergarten classes later this month. This past week I talked with our Fall Mountain district superintendent, Lori Landry, about pre-school and elementary school innovations they’ve implemented. This next week I’ll be discussing internships and career-ready credentials with KSC and the new Cheshire Career Center Director, Michael Burnett.

Senate Resolutions

is on the floor of Len-Tex Wall-covering Manufacturing in North Walpole with Don and Charlie Lennon, owners of Len-Tex.

is on the floor of Len-Tex Wall-covering Manufacturing in North Walpole with Don and Charlie Lennon, owners of Len-Tex.

I worked with a variety of community organizations to prepare Senate Resolutions that help honor significant accomplishments of people and organizations in the region. Recent examples are Community Kitchen rededication, MOCO new location, Winchester Learning Center expansion, MAPS relocation, and the Hinsdale Elementary School addition. In less than two years, I’ve prepared and delivered 27 resolutions.
Election seasons take a long time and take a lot out of candidates. I want to reassure you how much your help and support motivates me to be a better candidate and a better Senator.

Thank you.


State Senator
District 10

First Term Review

First Term Review

Jay Kahn.png


• Full-day kindergarten funding

• Hinsdale School renovation state matching funds

• Public School Infrastructure

Fund; School Emergency Readiness Program

• School employee death equivalent to responders statute

• All Children Educated Safely (ACES) in Monadnock Regional School District, funding restored

• Authorizing Keene State College decals for license plates, raising scholarship funds

• Electronic of school annual reports to the department of education

• Consumer Protection increased for private career school students

• Dual and concurrent enrollment agreements between high schools and colleges

• Nursing temporary licensing for all new hires from New England states

• Increasing alcohol and drug prevention and treatment funds

• Study committee on mental health and socials service interoperability

• Allied Health Therapists tem porary licensure if from NY or New England states

• Therapeutic Marijuana satellite dispensary in southwest NH

• Study committee on broadband infrastructure

• Broadband Infrastructure and Municipal/Town
bonding for public-private partnerships

• Streamlining Criminal History Background Checks

• Emergency Medical Services (EMS) rule setting process accelerated

• Independent state Medical Director for Emergency
Medical Services to be established

• Study Transmission, Distribution, Generation,
Costs and in the State’s Electricity System

• Boost renewable energy producers with a net metering increase to 5 megawatts

• Revisions to Zoning Boards of Adjustments statute for clearer decision making

• County audits statutes and updated

April 2018 News

April 2018 News

The NH House of Representatives meets this Thursday, April 19th to consider 4 bills on which I am a prime sponsor. All are on the consent agenda.
SB 374 exempts adoption of emergency medical and trauma services protocols from the rulemaking process under RSA 541-A. These protocols are highly technical and need to be changed quickly and frequently (think carfenynol protocols for first-responders), making them exceptions for the standard rule-making process. They go through review by 2 boards and the Dept. of Safety Commissioner.

SB 456 turns the position of the state medical director for emergency medical services into a part-time position and repeals the requirement that the chairman of the emergency medical services medical control board shall serve as the medical director. It also makes the medical director a nonvoting member of the control board. A companion bill, SB 544, allocates sufficient funds for fire standards and training for the remainder of the biennium.

SB 170 permits municipalities and towns to issue bonds for the purpose of providing or extending broadband infrastructure to areas lacking minimum FCC rates of transmission.  Certain conditions must be met before bonds can be issued and the bill provides for public-private partnerships for financing purposes. Public hearing testimony strongly indicated that enactment of this legislation would be a significant catalyst for economic development in many rural areas of New Hampshire.

SB 393 consolidates three types of audits utilized by county government—annual financial audits, performance audits and forensic audits--from within several chapters spread throughout Title II of state law into one chapter. It requires that a copy of each completed audit be forwarded to the Department of Revenue Administration.
Four other bills that I introduced are in final stages of consideration this week. 

SB 388, regarding therapeutic marijuana satellite dispensaries, will be acted upon by House Health and Human Services and Elderly Affairs.
HB 1761, including an amendment to extend school district dual and concurrent enrollment policies to include University System of NH institutions, will be acted on by the Senate on Thursday.

SB 386, streamlining the criminal history background check process, and SB 334, regarding temporary licensure for allied health professionals wanting to work in NH, will be heard by the House Executive Department and Administration Committee on Tuesday afternoon.